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Hi , I would be so very glad to have your comment, suggestion, impression, share , new ideas, taught, and news . So please tell me something ur share !

lets have fun and enjoy this vacation and  got a great moment in our life. no regrets and always happy be your style.

Matur nuwun (Javanesse  for thank you)

best regards,

muchas gracias !

7 Responses to Guest book

  1. citra says:

    visiting mas heri!!

  2. herihero says:

    thanks citra 🙂

  3. Mark O'Connor says:

    Thank you Kurniawan Heri,
    I thoroughly enjoy browsing through your photographs and reading your descriptions.
    You help me understand and really enjoy your culture. I love learning about other areas of the world and view sights and foods I am unfamiliar with. Thanks for sharing with me.

  4. herihero says:

    you’re welcome mark. thanks for visit and read my blog. wish this blog usefull for you and others who read this article.

  5. galih jati says:

    mantap Bro! kunjungan sore yah!

  6. Diyah Ayu Fatmawati says:

    salam bro… kunjungannya y…

  7. salam bro… kunjungannya y…

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