The Sparkling Sunset in Jogja

Heloo, The pretty of sunset blows up my head with question: How it could be ? Do you know what does  sunset mean?  According from the website of  sunset or sundown is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the western half of the horizon, i.e. at an azimuth greater than 180 degrees, as a result of Earth’s rotation.  In this  late-afternoon sun in one of the tropical country, the chances are pretty good for a spectacular sunset.  The “sunset” is usually a localized cell where the clouds don’t reach to the horizon.  This means that the sun will be able to dip below the clouds and light them from underneath.

Many people think if they want to see the best sunset, you must go to the beach. But I would like to say “Not Always”  hahahahaah. There are many places to see the amazing sunset in Jogja.  So,  watch for these sunset pictures below:

sunset in desa

Sunset in the countryside

Prambanan sunset

 Prambanan Sunset

Sunset in Parangtritis

 Parangtritis sunset

(This photo has taken by Yohannes Tyas Galih Jati)

sunset in desa

 Sunset in the rice field area

Sometimes, I am thingking that  the dim twilight and golden shade of the sun on the water surface more raise a romantic atmosphere. So, you don’t need to go to somewhere for far away and pay alot for this.  Happy travelling 🙂

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