Hang out and Having Lesehan ala Jogja

There are many traditional food and drink in Jogja. but there is nothing special if we just enjoy it alone with ordinary situation. even for the luxury places.  unsatisfied if only we just eat alone. we need different thing and free for stretching of our legs right?yes, we have Lesehan or in english we called Sitting on the floor while enjoying some drink or meal. Some visitors complained about high prices of food in Lesehan. but no worry, you should ask the prices about what you wanna order 🙂

enjoying my dinner with friends

have enjoying afternoon culinary tour

gathering with school’s  alumny

keep our solidarity

when you come to Jogja, I believe you will  really get like the situation. and i believe almost all people who ever come to jogja will miss dinner out with friends. in indonesia we call it “lesehan” and mostly we eat next to the road/ street. here you will get your atmosphere, what about because of its food and drink ?

Because of her service ? Because the presentation ? Or because the atmosphere ? Or… is there another reason? Everyone will get their own experience. anyway, enjoy yours!

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The world is too big to only know one place, we can learn so much more if we ask, observe and participate. There is no meaning to life, to know this well will liberate us, and allow us to do whatever makes us happy
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