Lovely Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu

Hey guys, I am back after a long time I didnt show post on blog. Now, I wanna share experience to Putuk Sethumbu. Punthuk Setumbu is the name of a hill located about 4 km behind Borobudur. The hill located in the village of Karangrejo is one of the best places to see the greatest of Buddhist Temple in the morning as well as to see the sunrise behind Merapi Mountain. There are various ways to reach the hill with an altitude of 400 m above sea level, such as by walking, riding a bike, or riding motorcycles. Having not recognized the field well, I chosed to ride motorcycle. Exactly, I started from Jogja at 3:30 am,  through the morning cold air began. climbed a steep path through the field in the middle of the dark, cold, and wet morning. The combination of the wind that hit the tops of trees and small path hill. Really so cool, the sky was partly cloudy, so it seemed that there was no star as a light. Street lights were totally invisible, motorcycle lights were the only source of light.

I drove so fast from Jogja to get there it took 45 minutes, I have arrived at the foothill of Punthuk Setumbu Hill. Punthuk Setumbu Hill manager who guarded the post welcomed and lent us a flashlight after we pay for entrance fee. the ticket is quite affordable, its only Rp 15.000, 00.

lovelytime to wait for sunrise.

When the weather is sunny, golden orange rays of light would be racing to color the sky and the sun slowly rises from behind of its throne.and at that time before we arrive at that place we didnt forget to buy our snack, we chosed tempe mendoan for aour snack that we bought in Angkringan  (the small stall)

Tempe Mendoan

we were really enjoyed at that time, and we were so happy though the weather for us was quite cold because was just rain.

when the sunrise was gone

after from there we go back to parking area to take our motorbike and then we drove to Borobudur temple to see Borobudur temple in the morning. borobudur temple opens at 6am.

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