The Amazing Culture of Kalasan Temple

Tara temple is known as Kalasan temple also,  This temple is the oldest buddhist temple in Jogjakarta. To find this temple’s so easy, its located near Prambanan temple, from highway Yogya – Solo, its about 14 km east of Yogyakarta, the temple in the south of the road would have seen. Just need to enter small path about 50 m, we could entered the temple complex that administratively into the territory Kalibening, Tirtomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Uniqely of Kalasan Temple

Based on the inscription dated 700 Çaka, known background Kalasan establishment of this temple is the demand for teachers of Maharaja Tejahpurana to build shrine to the goddess Tara. Kalasan temple is dedicated to a Buddhist Goddess, TARA. It was built in honor of the marriage between king Pancapana of Sanjaya Dynasty and a Princess of Syailendra Dynasty, named Dyah Pramudya Wardhani.

The Exotice of  Talasan Temple

When you want to enter the main chamber should be carefully, because the stones of Kalasan temple now has an irregular structure. This temple has a central chamber where there is a throne made of stone, but there is no statue inside.

If you look at the details of this temple, you will find  beautiful reliefs on the surface in every layers. For example, relief of trees and clouds and their gods Khayangan residents who were playing the sounds. Hemm, I thinks this is beautiful heritage.

Actually, Many story and history about this temple, we can learn about life and something positive from this. You should come and find out by your self to make sure that you will admire of Indonesian heritage.

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