Selarong Cave

Selarong Cave is located at Kembang Putihan Village, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency. It is a historical cave with scenic natural view, cool air and historical traces at the karst hills. The historical value of Selarong Cave is that this cave once used by Diponegoro as a base during his guerilla against the Dutch. The war is known as the Java War which lasted for five years since 1825 – 1830. From Selarong Cave, Diponegoro planned his guerilla strategy and troops launched a sporadic attack to the Dutch army.

B. Description Object

Selarong Cave is located at Kembang Putihan Village, Guwosari, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency. It is about 13 kilometers south of Yogyakarta City or 5 kilometers north of Bantul City. The entrance ticket to Selarong Cave is very affordable. Only need Rp 2.000 per person with some additional money for the parking fee and insurance Then, we are welcomed to enjoy the various objects at Selarong Cave for free.

As we enter the gate to Selarong complex, we will be welcomed by Diponegoro statue. He is in his white robe and turban, riding on his horse looking as if leading his troops with his hand pointing forward, toward the enemy stockade. Before moving forward, it is suggested that we look at the map placed near Diponegoro statue. There are several choices of tourism objects in the map. After that, we can continued the tour into the cave. Along the passage there are sellers, mostly of old age, offering fruits which are Selarong special natural products such as sapodilla, wongai plum, guava, longan, mangosteen, banana, rambutan, and more.

After the historical remains, we can move on to the cave complex by tracing the same passage. It is said that when the rain falls, people can see waterfall flowing from the hilltop across the stairways to the cave. To get to the cave complex you must ascend a series of steps. Permanent stairways have been built to make it easier for visitors to climb and walk through the steep and difficult passage to the cave mouth. In every 10 steps there is a space large enough to take a rest while enjoying the beautiful panorama. There are also frangipani and some other trees growing on both sides of the stairways which shade the passage.

Arriving at the cave, we will see a yard. Never expect seeing a cave with a long, dark and musty trail. Selarong Cave looks more like a chamber for resting. There are two caves at the back of the yard. The one on the left side is known as Kakung Cave. The word kakung in Javanese language means male chief or respected man. It can be inferred then that this cave used to be the chamber or resting place of Diponegoro. The one on the right side, meanwhile, is called Putri Cave which signifies that this cave was inhabited by Raden Ayu Ratnaningsih, Diponegoro’s wife. The word putri in Javanese language means lady or respected woman.

Both Kakung and Putri Caves are located on the lower part of a big lime mountain, which makes it as if two holes were made deliberatily on the mountain for settlement. It was in this cave that Diponegoro planned his strategy with his followers to attack the Dutch. While quartered in Selarong Cave, Diponegoro and his troops were attacked three times by the Dutch on July 25, October 3 and 4, 1825.

Next, we can continues th adventure to the top of the karst hill. There are a series of steps on the left of Putri Cave. They are all in good condition. While ascending the steps, enjoy the scenery around. At the hill top there is an edifice functions as a view tower. From here, we can enjoy the great view and the mountain breeze while taking a rest.


  • Mosque
  • Playing ground
  • Parking area
  • Souvenir shop
  • vendors
  • Rest area
  • Toilet
  • Camping ground
  • Outbond area
  • Motorcross circuit

D. Acces

Access to transportation to reach the location of attractions Cave Selarong fairly easy. However, you should use a personal vehicle because of public transportation directly to the Cave Selarong currently not so much. This may be because the location is in the region Cave Selarong  mountains despite having a very good asphalt road conditions.

If you are coming from out of town, you can rent motorcycles or cars are widely available in the city of Yogyakarta. Selarong Cave is approximately 13 kilometers south of Yogyakarta.

Meanwhile, if taken from the City of Bantul, the distance to the Cave Selarong is about 5 kilometers to the north.

If You start the trip from downtown Yogyakarta (for example, from the intersection of Post Office / Malioboro / Tugu Station Gondomanan or intersection), there are several routes that you can travel to reach the Cave Selarong attractions. Benchmark of a number of these routes is the South Ring Road (Ring Road South), which is located not so far from the center of Yogyakarta. If you depart from Terminal Giwangan, your journey will be easier because these terminals are located on the shores of South Ring Road. From the South Ring Road, you can choose several routes that go directly to the location of Cave Selarong.

The first route is from the South Ring Road to the intersection Dongkelan (Jalan Bantul), select the direction to the south as far as approximately 1-2 miles until arriving at the entrance region Kasongan craft, then proceed to the west with a distance of about 3-4 kilometers reached the intersection Guwosari / Display.

The second route, from the South Ring Road to the intersection Madukismo and headed straight towards the west with a distance and the same goal with the first route. After arriving at the intersection Guwosari / Display, you can directly go to the location of Cave Selarong by taking a branch to the south. The distance between the intersection Guwosari / Displays the location Selarong Cave can be reached with less than 20 minutes away.

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