Indahnya Pesona Pantai Gunung Kidul

hi all my friends, there is a new tourist attraction ya, who like traveling, please try to visit the attractions in Gunung Kidul, because here a lot of very interesting tourist attraction.

One coastal tourism, nature tourism offers the charm of the beautiful beaches which is very charming with white sand and coral rock carved into a natural. A resolution that need to be aware tour be held strongly to Gunung Kidul and make famous to  international tourism. The lack of promotion and lack of infrastructure that needs improvement to attract more tourists to visit this place. but it should also holding tourist attraction for a tour of different treats. friendliness of people around, the green natural surroundings, as well as shade trees along the way to the beach a tourist attraction is also a strong impetus to attract tourists to visit this place. more or less travel time approximately 2 hours from the city of Yogyakarta to reach the goal. fatigue will be paid after we touch  foot on the white sand beach with a gentle breeze. As you  like to get during the holidays with our  friend, girlfriend, or your family with a tour and get together.

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